Victoria Beckham Spring 2012


 Victoria Beckham has always been an astonishing perfectionist about fit.  She may have relaxed her shape and silhouette this season, but the precise structured tailoring remains.  This is a well-executed exploration of sixties mod color blocking.  And her great eye for detail allows her to make classic minimalist silhouettes into her own.  For one, she has a fantastically polished signature: a single black band zipper all the way down the back of every piece.  It is simple yet bold. She also shapes thick bonded jersey like none other.   More importantly, she understands how to design for women, for both the shape of her of body as well as her lifestyle.  Regardless of who wears Victoria’s designs, she always comes across polished and elegantly put together.  I really love what she has achieved with her label.

On top of her fantastically sophisticated designs, she always comes out with some utterly chic bags.  I want one every single season.  The shape is always classic, but the details provide a modern look.  I always look forward to the vibrant color palette–both in the clothes and the accessories.  She doesn’t disappoint this season either; I mean she managed to make me want an orange bag.  That takes something special.  And trust Victoria Beckham to create some incredibly fierce flats!

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