Alexander Wang Spring 2012


“I’ve been looking at motocross, Nascar racing, and all the clothes those guys wear” – Alexander Wang

Oh how I love this boy.  I also know something great will turn out when Alexander Wang gets inspired by athletics of any sort (his Spring 2010 collection was definitely a memorable one).  My first thought about this: athletic gear for the extremely cool (and fashionable).  Because if Alexander Wang has accomplished anything, it is the attitude to his pieces.  There is an edge and inexplicable coolness about everything he touches that has captivated the fashion masses for years.  I don’t know if it is just me, but I feel that the girls simply walk differently–better–at Alexander Wang.  Perhaps it is due to the confidence and vitality from an Alexander Wang show.  Even with the complicated walking path this season, the fierceness remains.  This incredible mood and atmosphere is even further enhanced with the trippy hallway of mirrors.

Looks like we are in for a season of hexagonal mesh, perforated leather, and parachute silk, painting a confident It girl status picture.  Alex may hate being associated with It status of any sort, but it doesn’t change that he has it.  He has an undeniably insider following. And Wangettes are bound to get excited about this.  There is a sleek sexiness to his designs along with an effortless ‘devil-may-care’ thrill.  Moreover, every piece is unique.  He is always finding ways to twist his streetwear into something fresh and forward.  I love how he can take something deceivingly simple and craft it into a different thought.  The transparent layers and mesh overlay certainly provide a new perspective on street sportswear.

My favorites would have to be the parachute silk dresses with oversized cargo pockets and the tightly tailored mesh vests over floral print body suits.  The effect is strikingly provocative and vaguely surfer-esque.  I just love the silhouette that Alex has explored this season.  It conforms to the shape of a woman’s body, but there are pockets (haha quite literally in some cases) of volume.  Adding volume near the hip area should look odd and a bit unflattering; yet, it adds interest and balance to the look.  Moreover, he injects in color bit by bit, providing some lovely color blocking to the floral print and giving vibrant detail to layered sweaters.  I love how he does not overwhelm me with excessive color, but gives just enough to counter his predominantly black palette.  And while bags and shoes may be a new endeavor for Alex, they have been some of his strongest pieces.  If I wasn’t already obsessed with finding the perfect backpack, I am now.  The zippered one strap leading into a long fluted backpack is fantastic!

In conclusion, I love Alexander Wang. The end. Oh, and his bow is always adorable. So bouncy!

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