rag & bone Spring 2012

Credit: Vogue.com

 While I don’t always agree with Marcus Wainwright and David Neville’s aesthetic, there is something to be said for the their innovative designs and how much they have grown as designers.  Yet, even with that growth, the urban style of a rag & bone girl is always maintained.  Wainwright and Neville  may push the boundaries of their cool girl street fashion concept, but they never lose sight of their voice and style.  For Spring 2012, they have given us seventies surfer girl coupled with devil-may-care music festival chic for a surprisingly sophisticated yet sporty outlook.  I love their use of texture with the unique layering and spliced fabric. I have come to associate rag & bone with unusual fabric choices and creative mixes; Marcus & Neville have created an aesthetic all on their own by turning their city streets chic into something else entirely.  I love the feel to their looks and how the wearer immediately appears effortlessly cool.

The color palette is always surprising.  Pale lavender, bright orange, and olive green would not normally be a good combination, but somehow it ends up working.  The effect of the lavender, orange, and white is actually quite lovely in fact.  It adds a sense of femininity to the otherwise clean sporty look.  And I just love the color combination on the shoes; the lavender suede is broken up by the bright strip of orange before drifting into perforated white leather to create an edgy look.   And for once, I love the bright warm yellow pieces presented here.  That shock of yellow is actually what made me like this collection midway through.  The line to that mini dress (look 22) is so clean and sophisticated, I immediately loved it.

But what Marcus and David always manage to do is make a girl instantly want whatever they design.  Their clothes have an indescribable sense of cool.  I didn’t even like this collection very much at first, but by the end, I am totally won over (truly it might have been the shoes that did it).  Well done, boys.

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One Comment to “rag & bone Spring 2012”

  1. Its definitely cool. Its not my style, but there are certainly some standout pieces that I could rock with my wardrobe, like the showcase picture you have on top… What a creative and cool way to wear a raincoat or windbreaker. Raincoats or windbreakers are typically outdoorsy-looking, plain with little detail, and/or oversized (not tailored)… This is very nice!

    I also like the color combinations- very modern and edgy.

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