Jason Wu Spring 2012

Credit: Vogue.com

 Jason Wu presented decidedly vibrant and youthful elegance.  It is all very feminine and ladylike with pretty floating skirts that flowing beautifully about her legs.  For once, I am very in favor of prints and bright pops of color.  The sunny yellow, cobalt blue, and blushing pink add a warm point of interest to the pieces.  Actually, for this collection, I absolutely adored the lime yellow pieces such as that gown above (look 37); honestly, I thought that this should have been the closing look.

And as expected of Jason Wu, everything is oh so very pretty with easy flow.  He has relaxed the tailored structure of  the ladylike silhouette by crafting highwaist skirts in light silk and adding cheeky peplums to a good portion of his looks.  An elegant countenance is all well and good, but it can become very boring without intriguing accents.  Jason Wu keeps things interesting with digitally silk screened petal prints over silk blouses and dresses, combining both youthful exuberance and chic sophistication.  Moreover, he has given his collection a bit of edge with slick strappy stilettos, safety pin earrings, and spiky leather hair clips.  Certainly more urbane and edgy than expected.  But in the end, it is all about the easy flowing silhouette that Jason Wu has crafted.  Wonderfully structured, yet effortlessly loose.

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3 Responses to “Jason Wu Spring 2012”

  1. that yellow dress is amazing…. i would do terrible terrible things to own it.


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