Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

 Abbey Lee Kershaw by Sebastian Kim for Numéro #126

Oh so very Abbey.  She always does well in pieces with more…mythical concepts and elaborate styling.  With her doll-like looks, there is something otherworldly about her print work.  And while her delicate features may mistakenly cast her as the damsel-in-distress, Abbey always brings the edge required for haute couture.  No piece or look ever wears her; her personality and charisma shines in every shot.  Top notch, that one, as some would say.  And certainly, this sort of styling isn’t exactly my cup of tea at times, but Abbey pulls it off so well.  She has this ability to convey softness even while being absolutely fierce. It has been a while since I’ve seen Abbey in an editorial, and I am hoping that that won’t be the case for the next one.

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2 Comments to “Madone”

  1. Wow! A couple of these photos are going in my inspiration folder right now. These are gorgeous. I am really responding to the color combinations. Moody and Dark, but not scary. Powerful.

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