Glam Moments

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Eniko Mihalik by Anthony Maule for Numéro #126

Oh Numéro…I can’t imagine why I have abandoned you for so long.  This editorial is full of all the flair and throw back sultriness I have been missing.  Eniko is glorious in this, conveying both sensuality and sophistication.  That is something I have always loved about Eniko; every piece she does is injected with seduction and sexuality.  She has this look in her eye that just draws you in.  Moreover, she infuses it with a dose of elegance and glamour, making her perfect for high fashion.  There is always a avant garde feel to her modelling.  In this case, the sixties inspiration is clearly conveyed with the heavily lined eyes and mod prints.  Eniko gives a wonderful line in every shot with elaborate arches and delicately curved fingers.  I can be fascinated by the most minute details as Eniko cleverly adjusts her angles to best showcase the look.  Every shot is full of character and glamour–everything haute couture should embody.

[Perhaps the paragraph above demonstrates why I don’t post Numéro editorials very often.  I am so enamored with the piece at hand that I ramble about a particular detail and the editorial as a whole alike.  Terribly sorry for the incoherence.  Will clean up later.]

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One Comment to “Glam Moments”

  1. this editorial is so stunning! makes me want to wear all black this fall!

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