Half Life

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Kelsey Jean Harding by Alvin Nguyen for Papercut Magazine July 2011

Love love love the photography.  The perspective is absolutely fabulous.  This is exactly the type of editorial I want at all times.  It is intriguing, glamorous, and utterly fierce.  I found it wonderfully executed with just enough edge to make it exciting.  Everything (concept, style, photography, set, etc.) comes together to create a fantastic piece of work.  Kelsey comes across as untouchable and totally badass (would you just look at that cover?) in this.  Not bad for a model I had never even heard of until now.  Moreover, Alvin has wonderfully blurred the edges to make this rather otherworldly and fantastical.  And for once, this isn’t about the style or concept for me.  It’s about the overall mood and tone.  There is just something about this editorial that I immediately liked when I first saw it.  The beauty is wicked without being overly done, and Kelsey’s modelling embodies everything that I love about print work.  As initially stated, the photography is wonderful with great use of shadow and light.  There is also texture and depth to it.  I do realize that I am just waxing on about this editorial without coherently explaining what makes it special, but I can’t help it.  It’s just fabulous from start to finish.  A lovely piece of art.

[Edit: Also, how cool is it that it’s set in an unfinished nuclear plant? In Katsop Development Park, WA to be precise]

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