Nowhere Else!

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Aymeline Valade by Will Davidson for Russh #41

Boy do I love this girl.  She has the potential to be a real force in this industry.  Along with real charisma, she has a rather lovely and expressive face I find–really striking.  Moreover, I think that everything she does is fantastic.  This editorial no different.  It is full of flair and personality.  While she is excellent at giving avant garde edge, she appears perfectly at ease with charming playfulness as well.  I like the overall mood to this editorial.  The pieces chosen reflect that joyful fun quite well; they’re very nicely thought out.  Then again, I have always been a bit partial to a neutral palette.  The mix of feminine romanticism and tailored menswear is also lovely.  [I totally want those oxfords.]  Coupled with Will Davidson’s photography, this makes for an exceptionally lovely piece in general.   And a most excellent reflection of the summer/autumn transition period.

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One Comment to “Nowhere Else!”

  1. Yes, I agree she’s amazing! Her face is so captivating!


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