A Narcissistic Ballad

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Britt Maren by Hugh Lippe for Exit S/S 2011

I absolutely adore Britt Maren.  She was totally my favorite newcomer, especially after Nicolas Ghesquière decided to give her a fierce makeover for Balenciaga Spring 2011.  And she certainly turns it on in this.  Hugh Lippe tells a sexy and slightly haunting tale with this editorial.  I love the femininity and toughness on display.   The feminine punk style is rather awesome.  And while I am normally a great fan of sharply lined collarbones, this sort of freaked me out.  Perhaps I am supposed to feel that way about this.  The glossy deep lids and protruding collarbone makes her look slightly unwell.  Yet, I feel that there is a deliberate consciousness about it. There is vulnerability without helplessness here.  Lippe captures both edge and fragility in this.  In the end, there are beautiful moments with classical eeriness.  And there are startling disturbing points.  Brilliant job by Britt and Hugh both.

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