Bianca Spender S/S 2011 Lookbook

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

There is some seriously fantastic shape and fluidity to this collection.  While the tone is certainly minimalist, these designs most definitely do not fade into the background.  They speak volumes.  Each shot and piece is utterly striking.  And I love the intriguing color palette and gorgeous draping.  Not only is the design technique sublime, but the entire collection displays easy sophistication.  It is rare for me to post ad campaigns or lookbooks lately (Versace Atelier aside that is); I simply couldn’t look away when I saw this one.  I found this a perfect showcase of easy sensual summer elegance.

Moreover, the set director has a fabulous eye.  He/She played up the drama for each shot, either by crafting wonderfully stark blank slates for the piece to truly stand out or providing startling contrast with texture and unusual details.  Each shot stands on its own in terms of impact, and each can leave the viewer staring for a very long time.

Also, can someone identify this model for me?  She’s gorgeous.  She totally won me over in this with her beautifully arching lines and edgy cool.

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