Ilse De Boer by Andreas Öhlund

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Ilse De Boer by Andreas Öhlund for Cover Magazine June/July 2011

Ilse’s stunning natural beauty really stands out in this.  I really like that the creative director for this shoot let her showcase that. Those freckles are absolutely delightful.  And while summer always brings a slew of all-white style print work, I like how classic this particular editorial feels.  It is not revolutionary or avant garde, but there’s a nice flow to this nonetheless.  I like the intensity that Ilse brings when she gazes into the camera and the dreaminess that she evokes when staring off into the distance.  And all that posing further showcases the intriguing angles of her face and body, creating some truly lovely lines.  There is a softness to this editorial without delving into romantic whimsy.  The styling may be distinctly gauzy, but it is decidedly streamlined.  Ilse comes across earthly rather than ethereal, depicting prêt-à-porter at its best. And of course, Andreas Öhlund should be credited for his lovely photography.

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