Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Loren Kemp by Rokas Darulis for Fashion Gone Rogue 2011

*Warning: Nudity*

The power of this series lies in its simplicity.  Rokas Darulis doesn’t overwhelm the viewer with an ambitious concept or blind the viewer to Loren’s spark.  Because this girl does have a spark.  And while I don’t like the smoking bit, I find Loren very intriguing in this.  She’s captivating.  I like how she can draw your eye with just a look and little else.  Moreover, she seems very at ease in front of the camera.   I love how natural the nudity feels.  Loren has this cat-like grace that makes her a very sexy subject to capture.  She seduces me easily with her natural magnetism and fluid lines.  Just in shot 10, I fall in love with how she arches her spine and creates this beautifully fluid line as she pulls her sweater off.  Or shot 3, where she’s sitting there gazing at the camera but manages to pull the viewer in anyway.  I think this is a fantastically sexy yet perfectly at ease series of intimate shots.

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One Comment to “Loren”

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