Andreea Diaconu and Ollie Edwards by Blair Getz Mezibov

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Gorgeous intimate portrait series by Blair Getz Mezibov.  I love the classic muted black and white tone to it.  Moreover, the composition is lovely; Getz Mezibov blurs the edges a little by softening the angles of their bodies.   And stunning angles those are.  The hollows and angles of their bodies are beautifully showcased here.  The human body (and the lines that can be created) is a lovely thing to witness.  I find it interesting that my eye is more drawn to Ollie Edwards in the foreground.  I just love the shadows along his shoulder in the feature shot; I keep returning to it.  And as lovely as Andreea is, I find Ollie the more interesting subject.  Possibly because I can see more of him than her or just how Getz Mezibov ended up directing it.  Perhaps the perspective and focus was meant to be on Ollie.  In any case, this is a gorgeous classic portrait series.  It left me wanting more.

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