Every Thorn

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Rose Smith by Steven Chee for Fashion Gone Rogue 2011

*Warning: Some nudity*

There is a dreamy surreal feeling to this editorial as well.  But more full of whimsy I think.  The lighting is lovely.  I especially love how the burnished gold tones add to that feeling.  The romantic styling is kind of a given, but I love the mod edginess embedded within this as well.  The stylist certainly plays around with texture, branching out beyond the typical lace, silk, and chiffon pieces.  Glittery sequins, tailored shape wear, and bondage ropes just to name a few.  And Rose may be lounging around in lingerie (and some very lovely lingerie at that) and moodily staring into the camera, but there are little moments of fierceness that I can see being right at home on the runway.  Moreover, she’s a bit of long limbs and bony angles.  I think edgy awkwardness (Ok I might have just made term that up…) could work well for her.  Fashion does like to favor the strong but quirky type.  Not to mention, her nose ring is a bit fantastic.  Makes her interesting.

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