Lady Grey

Credit: ru_glamour

Stella Tennant, Imogen Morris Clarke by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia March 2010

Oh Tim Walker…your crazy  mind is brilliant.  I adore like everything about this editorial.  The avant garde theatricality of it all is superbly done–as always–and the Marie Antoinette type French Revolution fashion is very apparent.  I love all the references and how the historic styling fits in with the modern torn set.  The contrast between the highly elaborate decadent pieces and the wrecked torn-apart rooms is just lovely.  I think the addition of the ladders is a fantastic touch as well.  This is creative and just a tad wacky with elegant drama and ethereal dreaminess.  This editorial makes me feel full of whimsy with the intricately crafted ship hats and opulent full crowns.  The mix of dark shadows and airy light is also well balanced.  The models are like flitting fairies with artfully posed limbs and elegant wrists.  The lines are absolutely gorgeous.  There is just so much in this editorial to love.

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One Comment to “Lady Grey”

  1. Absolutely wonderful – thank you for sharing this.
    The atmosphere, the gorgeous photos, the everything – how nice to be enchanted by such lovely work

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