Supersize Me

Credit: Mode Photography

Valerija Kelava & Chloe Memisevic by Craig McDean for Interview April 2011

So many epically dramatic shots…I had a difficult time choosing the one feature shot for this editorial.  For all the volume of the styling and the wildness of the hair, something about this still seems really well tailored.  Maybe not so much in a strict disciplined sense, but there’s still polish to this despite the flair of wild abandon.  Not to mention it takes good design technique for voluminous pieces not to overwhelm the frame of the body.   Moreover, there’s an off-kilter quirkiness to this editorial that I really really like.  From the stark stare to the gangly stride, there is most certainly something odd about it.  It should feel off-putting, but there’s an odd gracefulness to it all.  And there’s still this innate sense of cool throughout.  That quintessential visceral characteristic fashion so often strives to capture.

Fashion is frequently about exaggerated escapism.  This editorial gives me just that in the most delightful fashion.  Actually, this is what I love about Interview Magazine.  It presents this pop art quirkiness in a highly unique way.  Moreover, the photography is superb.  Craig McDean uses contrast to his advantage, making me really notice the texture of the shot [does that even makes sense?].  The black and white shots could feel classic with a muted softness; instead there’s a clean sharpness to some of the lines and an entirely modern feel (perhaps a bit futuristic as well) to the enlarged proportions.  Bravo to McDean for a really eye-catching piece.  And for making me remember my love for Interview Magazine.

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