Wild is the Wind

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

 Liu Wen by Mark Segal for Vogue China May 2011

I have never really appreciated Wild West style; that being said, I think that Liu looks absolutely darling in this editorial.  And I love that pieces I wouldn’t expect are being used in this.  Rodarte look 10 Spring 2011 is recreated entirely in the feature shot (shot 7) complete with those distinctive wood block shoes.  The earthiness of the wood print really suits the gritty nature of the western frontier.  And even the hawk seems fitting as the Mulleavy sisters were influenced by birds of prey for Spring 2010.  I normally associate Givenchy with punk tailoring, but somehow look 11 from Spring 2011 feels right at home as Liu sits perched on the hood of the car.  It adds a certain clean sophistication to the shot without making the style feel entirely removed from the overall mood.  Adding the Alexander McQueen piece in the title shot introduces Western fringe in a new light.  Look 16 from Spring 2011 is whimsical enough, but certainly not typical.  And while there are plenty  expected Western romanticism and Ralph Lauren fringe in this, I like how this editorial is broken up by the more avant garde.  Liu adds just the right amount of edge to carry this through.

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3 Comments to “Wild is the Wind”

  1. love this spread. as an aside, is it me or is she the only model (other than actresses) we ever see from China Vogue?

    • Yeah. I see that too. Her agent must have a really active campaign out. My favorite Asian models are actually Du Juan (she’s slowing returning to modelling) and Ming Xi (who’s a newcomer that come out of Givenchy I think).

  2. thanks for reminding me of those other two models. I actually forgot how much I love Du Juan.. she has such an elegant vibe and always looks like she’s keeping the best secrets.

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