The Enchanted Forest

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

 Holly by Natalie J Watts for Vecu Spring 2011

With spring comes whimsy because nothing quite heralds the coming for spring for me like whimsical romantic shoots.  For one, I am very into wreaths of gigantic flowers; there is something very charming about that May tradition.  Highly unpractical, but very lovely to be photographed in.  Also, I like how apparent the scalloped details to her dress is.  The whorls are elegantly crafted and add a touch of glamour to the shoot.  Moreover, I am a big fan of soft filtered lighting which casts a glorious glow on the model; dusk shoots are particularly good for this.  Holly appears fey-like in this with her hair beautifully lit in the sunlight.  My favorite shots are the close-ups at the end.  Simple but very pretty.

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2 Comments to “The Enchanted Forest”

  1. Love everything what u post. Your blog is stunning! <3

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