Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Jennifer Massaux by Justin Ridler for Perk Spring 2011

*Nudity Warning (just some slight boobage). If you don’t have the maturity, don’t look.*

I don’t find it fair for people to read my thoughts on everything if all they want is to look at the shoot so I divided it up:

  • 1st part: on the post itself
  • 2nd part: brief thoughts in photographed nudity/rant

Sensual and intimate.  And not just because this is a seductive shoot overall.  While the more physically revealing glimpses are lovely, it’s the close-ups of her face that I find intimate.  Her half-lidded eyes and open mouth denote a vulnerability, and there is something very beautiful (and incredibly attractive) about that.  The hint of sleepiness is also lovely; I like that so much more than composed seductiveness.  And this shoot appears to be taken with film rather than digital; that adds a rawness to this that can be missed with digital shots.  Better yet, I would never call this obscene or cheap.  A woman’s body is very beautiful; if Jennifer can showcase that, all the more power to her.  Moreover, her innate confidence would not be seen if she was coerced into posing for a “nude” shoot.

Photographed nudity has such a bad reputation in American society.  So much so that we begin to lose sight of the fact that the human body is a beautiful thing to behold.  The strength and beauty that it can convey makes for an intriguing and attractive subject.  I will never understand how we as a society can be so afraid of a woman’s sexuality and sensuality.  Oh you’re attracted to her.  Well, it is perfectly ok to be attracted to a naked woman.  Is that really such a revelation?  A person can be attracted to her without exploiting her.  Passion is an intrinsic part of being human.  To deny that is to deny a fundamental element of our humanity.  I am sorry that every nude post I put up practically degenerates into a rant on why I have to preface it in the first place.  I am just so very frustrated by the current social/political atmosphere, especially since the GOP wants to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood and roll back women’s reproductive rights.

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