Flaunt It


[The close-up shots are from Models.com]

Aymeline Valade & Alla Kostromiceva by Josh Olins for i-D Spring 2011

Gotta love the drama of this editorial.  The statuesque Aymeline and Alla really work it out in Josh Olins’ gritty vision.  Each exudes strength and power along with a balletic grace.  I love the lines that Aymeline and Alla create; there’s an architecture (perhaps that isn’t quite the word I am looking for…) to this that I really enjoy.  This editorial weaves a fantasy in a different light–one without the glossy larger-than-life glamour normally seen in avant garde pieces.  I like that.  Without any flourishes to distract me, I can just take in the strength, beauty, and fluidity of her body.  The human body is majestic.  Just watching the effort of sinew and bone is fascinating.  The matte cloudy saturation to the shots also help.  But I must say, Aymeline truly shines in this.  My eye is drawn to her in every shot she’s in.  She is certainly a newcomer to watch.

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