Sound of Silence

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Arizona Muse by Paolo Roversi for Vogue China April 2011

With so many stunning shots to choose from, I had a difficult time picking the feature shot.  There was hardly a weak frame in the lot.  Not only is Paolo’s photography phenomenal, but Arizona Muse gives me everything I could have asked for in this editorial.  I love the largely neutral color palette and the romantically whimsical aesthetic.  And I certainly feel that this editorial is aptly named; there is a quiet power about this editorial that just grabs the viewer.  There are no antics and the concept is not ambitious, but there is something enthralling about it nonetheless.   It whispers rather than roars (if that makes any sense…).  Paolo Roversi simply presents some seriously beautiful shots.  And Arizona plays it to perfection with just a slight quirk of an eyebrow.  I love the wisp of hair that flows across her forehead. It’s an excellent little touch and makes the looks feel just a bit undone.

Beauty is a hard idea to capture.  There’s something visceral at work here for me personally.  I instantly fell in love with this editorial despite the fact that it is a studio shoot with no apparent storyline.  This is like…a variation on a theme.  And this theme happens to be Arizona in dreamy fashion, of which Paolo is an excellent choice for that.  All the elements just come together effortlessly in order to result in a gorgeous somewhat sentimental editorial.

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One Comment to “Sound of Silence”

  1. I’m glad that I’ve found your website. I have to say that it’s a classy blog! I admire how comprehensive each of the entries are. They are well balanced – entertaining and informatory – and the pictures are nice too.

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