Take Me With You

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Vanessa Hegelmaier by Matthias Vriens-McGrath for Elle UK April 2011

I like the wild romance to this editorial.  The overgrown countryside is a lovely counterpoint to the cream and white color palette.  The most striking element for me are the lines in this.  I would have completely overlooked this editorial if it weren’t for the shot above where the barb wire dissecting through it; it startles me a little and adds a certain grittiness to the scene.  That is also true of the initial shot where Vanessa is gripping a rusty fence.  Another favorite shot of mine is the one where she’s holding onto the branch with sparse heart-shaped leaves dangling from it.  And although the branch doesn’t really look real, I like it a lot.  I think it’s a nice little artistic touch.  But what’s really great about this is the strength that Vanessa exudes.  She showcases the romantic feminine style in a slightly different light.  A normally more delicate style, she doesn’t make it feel precious–which I really like.  But above all, this feels like a very British shoot to me.  The predominant English (or possibly in any of part of the UK) countryside, the darker grittier feel to it, the unfussy nature of it, and the relative lack of props make me feel that way.  I certainly like this aesthetic.  Do continue ;)

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