Ymre Stiekema by Rene Habermacher

Credit: Smile

Ymre Stiekema by Rene Habermacher for Pop Spring/Summer 2011

I must still be thinking about Alexander Wang Spring 2011 because the clay and white powder in her hair is really attractive to me.  It’s surprisingly very elegant and makes her seem ethereal.  This editorial seems very artsy and kinda off-kilter.  I think I really like the slight ballet allusions (maybe it’s just me drawing those) with the chalk everywhere and pulled back bun.  Ymre has some really lovely features.  She’s strong, a bit unusual, and striking in spite of the white out.  Not to mention, she also has some very nice lines.  I really love the slope of her shoulders and neck (left feature shot); I find the nape of a woman’s neck very attractive.  I’m usually a stickler for good posture, but I like that her shoulders are slumped over.  It creates a lovely arch with her back and neck.  And the styling is lingerie-inspired as well.  Clean lines, womanly silhouettes, and sheer overlay create a nice romantic tone without being overly fussy.

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