Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Victoire Mac-Dauxerre by Benny Horne for Wonderland Spring 2011

God does that Proenza Schouler dress look hot wet…Ok now that that’s out of the way, on to the rest of the editorial.  We are totally in beach season, magazine-wise.  Even though the weather’s still rainy and totally not cooperating, fashion most definitely likes to start early.  I love the beautiful flow to all these shots with the dramatic fluttering silk gowns billowing so fabulously in the wind.  The lines captured are utterly lovely.  With the vibrant summer color scheme, this makes me truly long for summer where I can frolic at the beach without freezing half to death.   And while this is a stereotypical beach shoot styled with easy maxi dresses, I still really really like the lines.  The billowing gowns are utterly fabulous.  Reminds me of wildly painting and the artist just lets it go with the paint flinging.  And I love the sleek lines that Victoire casts, especially in shot 3 (so like a banana!).  Above all, this editorial showcases some gorgeous fashion, some lovely streamlines, and classic posing. Oh why can’t it be summer yet?

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