Louis Vuitton Fall 2011

Credit: Vogue.com

“I love it when I see all these exquisite creatures—socialites; maids; people you don’t know if they’re hookers or not—stepping out of the lift all hours of the day and night.” – Marc Jacobs

Decadent and oh so kinky.  After that very buttoned up Marc Jacobs show, I didn’t know what to expect with Louis Vuitton.  And boy do I love what he’s done with the place.  Entwining both luxury and fetish, Marc envelops the audience into this highly elaborate and glamorous fantasy complete with an ornate grilled elevator.  Introducing handcuffed French maids and feminine bellhops, he transforms very structured tailoring into playful sexy titillation.  Marc stirs the senses and thrills us all with his hedonistic vision.  And on the very last day of Fashion Month, the entire audience could certainly do with the perking up.

Finally, a Louis Vuitton collection that I can fall in love with.  Marc introduces these lovely twists on classic handbags (hello handcuffs) and cleverly works in the ever present LV monogram into the lace pattern of some of the blouses (finally something with logos on it I don’t hate).  While logos are embossed onto some of the bags and bellhop caps, Marc doesn’t overwhelm this collection with them.  I love how he pays tribute to the heritage of Louis Vuitton without taking us back to the logo explosion it used to be.

Moreover, Marc Jacobs’s technique is simply superb.  He begins with some lovely structured wool and knit rompers, something I never thought I’d see.  Better yet, he brings in some heeled rain boots; they’re sleek and practical and hardly seem out of place (I should have known since he had brought some out for his own show).  He then shifts into sleek high waisted pencil skirts that fall beautifully to just below the knee along with prim dresses composed of oversize sequined skirts and balloon sleeves.  But this is a far cry from his fifties voluptuous collection of last fall.  For good measure he throws in decadent feathery body suits, highly sheer overlay skirts, and cut out patterned dresses (also reminiscent of his own collection). If that wasn’t enough, he handcuffs several of the girls (Mariacarla comes to mind in look 60; featured above) and adds thigh high stocking tops to a good number of the looks.  All of this feeds his tongue-in-cheek world of hedonistic consumption and opulence and sex.

Also, isn’t it great that he brings back Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell? I felt like the audience kept doing double takes over and over again haha

Well…c’est fini.  See you next September Fashion Month.

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One Comment to “Louis Vuitton Fall 2011”

  1. these are such fantastic photos!! thanks for sharing, not sure what i think about the clothes, but i love the light pink bag a lot!
    hope you’re having a great week

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