Valentino Fall 2011


Creative Directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli have really settled their Valentino vision.  This latest continuation of their lovely feminine dreamy aesthetic is a bit more weighted for Fall while still retaining the lightness that Chiuri and Piccioli do so well.  They’ve been spinning the fairytale ever since they started out at Valentino, and they certainly aren’t about to stop now.  In recent seasons, Valentino has provided a very lovely counterpoint to the sleek simplicity of the minimalist movement.  Moreover, they have done it without dating the collections. Valentino used to be for the prim and proper older set.  Now, Chiuri and Piccioli have shifted it in a very modern direction while still maintaining the pretty romanticism of its history.  They provide grace and sophistication in a rather youthful manner and somehow manage to make even me enjoy bows and ruffles :)

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One Comment to “Valentino Fall 2011”

  1. This lace is so beautiful, so girly !!

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