Roland Mouret Fall 2011


For the most part, I am delighted by Roland Mouret’s structured sophistication.  [Not to mention, he always features Jac prominently in his shows :)]  He is a master draper; there is no question about his technique.  The quality of his designs is exquisite.  Even his loose crepe-de-chine knotting has structure to it.  And his color palette is surprising appealing (regardless of my feelings on the color of mustard).  For his fall collection, he chooses to vary the length for each color set; however, I am more drawn to his longer length.  The result is effortlessly elegant.  Whereas his minidresses feel a bit far removed from the trend of today.  Worse, I felt that the look of the minidresses appeared rather awkward.  Fortunately, Mouret had some really lovely other pieces to make up for that.  He always stays true to his elegant silhouette and luxurious aesthetic. His sheath dresses coupled with fur shrugs and vests came across fluid and highly sophisticated.

And the beauty is fabulous.  The dewy glow and glossy berry lip is a gorgeous combination.

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