Lanvin Fall 2011


Alber, how did you know that I have been rather obsessed with capes as of late?  I knew there was a reason why I loved you. :)   Although, Alber’s entire set-up was rather haunting this time around with the models emerging amidst the mist around a weeping willow.  And the initial looks were rather austere.  I am all for clean lines and a largely black and white palette, but Alber’s design felt devoid of the joy I normally find in his designs.  He dialed it back quite a bit.  There were some nice tribute pieces to classic Lanvin (feature shot for one) and I recognize the trademark elbow length gloves, but that is still a recycling of his standard pieces.  Of course, there are still distinct Alber trademarks embedded in the collection as well: the somewhat pleated draping, the voluminous shoulders, and raw silk gathering.  And probably only he could get me to love a watermelon pink cocktail dress.  Overall, this is a very pleasant collection with some very lovely pieces, but it lacked the sparkle that Alber normally brings to it.

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