Christian Dior Fall 2011


In regards to John Galliano, Sidney Toledano (Christian Dior CEO) had this to say just before the show began:

“What has happened over the last week has been a terrible and wrenching ordeal for us all.  It has been deeply painful to see the Dior name associated with the disgraceful statements attributed to its designer, however brilliant he may be.  Such statements are intolerable because of our collective duty to never forget the Holocaust and its victims, and because of the respect for human dignity that is owed to each person and to all peoples.  These statements have deeply shocked and saddened all at Dior who give body and soul to their work, and it is particularly painful that it came from someone so admired for his remarkable creative talent.  So now, more than ever, we must publically re-commit ourselves to the values of the House of Dior.”

The show must go on.  In light of recent events, the Dior house has taken a major hit.  John Galliano may be a brilliant artist, but he really stepped into it this time.  And sadly, as a result, these gorgeous romantic designs will be tainted for that.   Moreover, this collection had captured everything about Dior that I love.  I am very much a Dior girl.  Galliano was brought on in 1996 which was long before I was cognizant about the fashion industry.  And he has greatly shaped my feelings on Dior from the moment I started out.  So this feels like an ending of an era for me.  As much as it saddens me that it ended in this manner, I feel that the House of Dior is right to cut ties with Galliano.

Personally, I can let Galliano’s behavior color the designs, or I can look at the pieces as entities on their own with sentiment and technique.  The craftsmanship is simply superb, and the English Romantic poets inspiration is lovely.  As a result, this collection is dreamily romantic and highly seductive.  Moreover, it is perfectly on par with the romantic luxury trend this season, an aesthetic  that Galliano particularly excels at.  I adore the fragile silhouettes showcased here; the empire silk just cascades delicately down the body.  The ruffled silk chiffon, jewel-toned velvet, and delicate tiers all present a very feminine look.  Sometimes, I just want to feel pretty.  These designs very thoroughly meet that desire.

And those boots….I *want* badly.  They well match the feminine romanticism of the clothes, but they add a certain weight to the look.  Dior was actually the house to make me fully fall in love with thigh high boots.  Those, along with the ankle python booties, are divine.  I love how they appear kind of like sophisticated hiking boots; the python band wrapped around the top of them is most excellent.

Oh Dior…this is a lovely collection all around, but condemned due to unfortunate circumstances.

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