Celine Fall 2011

Credit: Vogue.com

There is a quiet power to anything that Phoebe Philo crafts.  While many are shifting away from minimalism, Philo stays true to it with her sleek clean lines, beautifully crafted tuxedo pants, and above-the-knee mod dresses.  And I love that she was inspired by the interior of car.  How utterly strange and so very befitting.  Moreover, there is never any fuss with Philo’s collections, just an effortlessness.  She thoughtfully adjusts texture and line as she sees fit, crafting luxurious quality.   And funny enough, the drama is all in the line of her coats and the way they fall so poetically to the calf.  Philo has an masterful understanding of tailoring, crafting these put together looks that are easy as they are structured.  The glamour and the luxury are all in the fabrics that she uses; the sleek lines bring out that facet even further.  Above all, one can really see the quality of this collection.  It is quiet, yet superb craftsmanship is clearly seen.  The cleanness of the collection emphasizes the polished sophistication and instilled elegance of the fabric and craft.

[I would love to see Kate Middleton wear some of Philo’s designs.  Those coats especially seem well-attuned to her personal sense of style.]

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