Zac Posen Fall 2011


I wasn’t terribly thrilled with Zac Posen this season, but he certainly presents some really excellent detail work.  Gone is the over-the-top throwback flair that I associate him with.  With a largely blue color palette and constricted silhouette, this is a rather subdued affair for Zac Posen.  Perhaps it is in response to the poor reviews he got for his rather camp flamboyant initial Parisian outing.  In any case, I would rather he stay true to his aesthetic rather than tone things down entirely thanks to some unfavorable critiques.  But I must say, I do love the clean lines that he presents in this second outing.  The scalloped rivets running down his gowns are captivating; I can’t stop looking at them.  I am a bit seduced into following them all the way down the dress.  And the python leather appliqué is lovely.  Aggressive and seductive, it adds a certain edge to his rather ladylike collection.  Not to mention, that python leather dress is statement in itself.  Why hello there Jessica Stam ;)

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