Dries Van Noten Fall 2011

Credit: Vogue.com

I can’t exactly articulate why I like this Dries Van Noten collection so much.  I think the best way to put it is that he envelops you into his world.  It doesn’t seem like much initially, but by the end I am totally hooked in.  There’s a sentiment about his collections that I particularly appreciate.  His vision of prints, mixed media, and easy draping is extremely likable for how effortlessly these vibrant fun looks can fit into everyday life.   His girl comes across lithe, well put-together, and somewhat quirky (in the best way of course :P).  The mixing of fabrics is unique, the prints are delightfully fun, and the length and structure create a very relaxed silhouette.  Better yet, this entire show feels effortless; the clothes are beautifully cut while the fabrics give the impression of richly nuanced luxury.  Yet, Van Noten’s designs are highly pragmatic.  In a sense he gives true prêt-à-porter, providing glamour to everyday wear.  And I like how he carried it all out in the clothes and accessories.  The models’ faces were left entirely bare which provided a nice counter balance to the opulence of the gold lamé, brocade, and silk prints.  In the end, Dries Van Noten’s designs come off well-composed and quirkily fun while simultaneously giving off a certain je ne sais quoi coolness about them.

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