Roberto Cavalli Fall 2011


Roberto Cavalli really draws me in with his metallic layering this season.  This is like hippy boho easiness meets rockstar glam.  I don’t normally like Cavalli; I find his message too obvious and his “sexy” designs too blatant.   However, this time around, I am riveted by the over-the-top deeply metallic smokey eye and the rather delightfully careless piling on of silk scarves, animal print, peacock feathers, and fur vests.  Not to mention, the attitude of the models walking down the runway is absolutely fierce.

I love how Cavalli melded the various fabrics together; instead of a jumbled mess, it comes together in an intriguingly effortless manner.  His looks are decadent and surprisingly whimsical.  A cascade of silk is tempered by feathery scarves and tough oxfords while leather jackets and fur accents weigh down fluttery pleats.  Each look remind me of hammered metal with shiny brocade jackets and pewter and bronzed bodices.  Overall, it may seem a little one-dimensional aesthetic-wise, but I find Roberto Cavalli’s decadent layering rather unique.  It is not easy to make volume glamorous.

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