Jil Sander Fall 2011

Credit: Vogue.com

There’s something compelling about the way Raf Simmons does minimalist glamor.  It could be the cut or the color, but his simplicity is always very striking.  His shows always makes me feel like I am viewing modern art.  And apparently Fall 2011 is all about glamorized sportswear for Raf; he sent down sleek ski pants, abstract printed sweaters, and boule-shaped dresses.  Plenty of black and white, but with brilliant pops of color throughout (especially that beauty look).   And while this collection doesn’t particularly suit my own aesthetic, the quality of Raf’s craftsmanship most definitely wins me over.  I am always incredibly impressed by how he controlled the boule-shape of the dresses, and I couldn’t stop staring at the fluid line of his black trousers.

And yay for the pop art beauty.  I see that Jil Sander has continued with the matte bright lip; this time with an orange-red over the watermelon pink.  The touch of turquoise lid is fabulously bright.  I like how the vibrant color still comes across controlled and not too overly done.

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