Bottega Veneta Fall 2011


It’s all about the details for Tomas Maier.  The pieces in this collection are exquisitely intricate, highly gorgeous, and utterly feminine.  I’m not into the return of the beehive look, but those deconstructed Mad Men-esque daytime silhouettes are an excellent tribute to sixties ladylike sophistication.  And I love the lace overlay to a good portion of these looks; the delicate layering add enthralling sensuality to the minimalist cut.  The patterns become something entirely new.  The raw edges to that and the unraveling linen provide excellent contrast to the elegant put-together looks.

I really enjoyed the complexity of the design and how I had to take extra care to see all the work that went into the craftsmanship.  The layering and deconstruction are all carefully done; the result is an intriguing piece without coming across as excessive or showy.  Moreover, I can become easily carried away by Maier’s vision.  I am enchanted by the ombre palette that deepens into the lace on the A-line skirts and intrigued by the peeled back satin folds on the evening gowns.  The revealed corseted bodices resemble Stockman dressmakers’ dummies, providing a rawer casualness to the eveningwear.  Overall, this collection is very well thought out and masterfully crafted.

Oh and check Sarah Mower’s review for this.  I found it rather thoughtful and insightful.

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