Versace Fall 2011


Now this is classic Versace.  Trust Donatella to be the one to bring back the ultra luxurious fantasy back into fashion.  And to recapture my attention.  High luxe glamor has been missing from Milan Fashion Week these first couple of days, and I’ve been feeling that lack of vibrancy.  I thoroughly enjoyed Donatella’s display of flourished tulip color-blocking, fluffy fur accents, bodycon snake skin lined dresses, and embossed golden Versace buckles and clasps littered throughout the pieces.  Her color combinations are extremely vibrant and joyful without giving me a headache due to an explosion of color.  And I absolutely love the cut of Donatella’s clothes; she always employs highly unusual necklines.  Not to mention, she is like queen of the thigh high slit; no one else does it quite as well as she.  She provides very sexy looks without them coming across cheap or desperate.  Moreover, her collection resonates with classiness.

Donatella has a talent for dramatic tailoring.  Her curvalinear tulip flourishes run through one side in one bright line to attract the viewer’s eye.  Moreover, the tightness of her dresses is very nicely controlled, sensual and tasteful.  She transforms her own double breasted military coats with python appliqué and luxurious fur.  The cut remains classic with a slight A-line flare.  And those leather suits are like gladiator meets school girl.  A glamorous option for daytime sexiness, they’re totally sexy and very well composed.  Donatella has really expanded on her daywear, while renewing Versace’s sexy heritage with her ostrich-plumed evening gowns.

And the fresh faced beauty is positively lovely.  It’s subtly sexy with a glossy glow.  Love the dewy blush thanks to the little known combination of vaseline and lipstick.  It gives each girl a very sensual flush while enhancing already gorgeous cheekbones.

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