Julien MacDonald Fall 2011

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Oh how I love Julien MacDonald’s darkly romantic vision.  His aesthetic is most certainly one I can appreciate; although, I do wish that the lighting was a little better.  His sensual Gothic Victorian lace designs are most definitely ones to showcase.   And I love how the models are kinda angry as they come down the runway haha; especially Valerija (look 10).  I think it suits the tone of the clothes superbly.  While I can’t exactly see the detailing, I love every bit of what I am able to make out.  I love how Macdonald turns delicate lace and ruffles into something of strength and power.  Each girl utterly resonates with badass-ness as she comes down the runway [haha still debating if I want to keep that particular turn of phrase in there].

What is apparent is that Julien MacDonald certainly knows his lace work; he doesn’t stick with the same lace pattern.  It’s totally awesome how he mixes it up with a fluffier lace edging (and yes I’m getting soooo technical with this :P), flourished lace bodices, filigree lace accents, and edgier torn gauze netting.  This is like lace for the rock n roll set; I could totally imagine Florence Welch in any one of these.  Macdonald also does knits in a way that comes across edgy and sensual rather than bulky.  It’s an aesthetic choice that’s highly appealing to me.  Moreover, I love how his creations can come off as ethereal but are grounded by the darker color palette and solid boots.  And those are certainly some interesting boots.  The knee-high lace-ups remind me of the ones from Emilio Pucci last season, but I most definitely prefer them in black like this.

Actually, while I did post a good number of shots for other collections this season, those included a good portion of detail shots that I liked mostly for the photography.  At this point though, I think I like the most total looks from Julien Macdonald.  He is not overly ambitious about it and stays very true to his artistic vision.

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