The Enchanted Garden

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Karen Elson by Bruce Weber for Vogue US March 2011

I’m actually a bit surprised that this came out of Vogue US.  Very pleasantly surprised that is.  [I guess they had to go all out with Gaga on the cover and all :P] This editorial comes across exactly as it’s titled, “The Enchanted Garden.”  The opulent fantastical designs for spring completely suit the lush tropical atmosphere.  And somehow, adding the goat kids seem perfectly natural to the feel and mood of this editorial.  Not to mention, they’re absolutely adorable.  Karen seems totally natural with them.  But ultimately, this editorial has some absolutely fabulous fashion.  The pieces are extravagant and just the right amount of over-the-top.  I totally want that Valentino gold-threaded embroidered tulle dress in look 6.  Not only are the clothes luxurious, but the props are fabulous.  That butterfly McQueen headdress is phenomenal. And I adore that lace embroidered umbrella in the last shot.  It so perfectly complements that taffeta oversized flower skirt by Marc Jacobs.  Moreover, the entire color palette to this editorial is vibrant and summery.  Exactly what I want to see as we transition into the spring season :)

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One Comment to “The Enchanted Garden”

  1. ahh, I love Karen Elson.
    and it is indeed a fabulous editorial, with great pieces, photography, everything.

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