Saskia de Brauw & Kate Hessen by Boris Ovini

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Saskia de Brauw & Kate Hessen by Boris Ovini for Exhibition #1

This is a lovely piece of photography.  I love the drama of it all and how Saskia and Kate are kind of enveloped in darkness.  Saskia’s porcelain skin comes across luminescent in this.  And I love how everything is just a little off-kilter on this: how the powder on Kate’s face stops abruptly halfway up her forehead, or how the lipstick is messily applied to smudge just outside her lips.  The mood is just a bit disconcerting, yet I am intrigued by it despite it all.  This is a very powerful editorial to me for its starkness.  The placement is superb where my eye is drawn to exactly where Boris Ovini wants it each and every time.  And as a result, I find this editorial very striking; I am distinctly drawn into Ovini’s artistic vision.

[I must say that it is most excellent to view this while accompanied by A Single Man‘s soundtrack.  The adagios create a wonderful emotional foundation for taking in this editorial.]

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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