Irina Lazareanu

Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Irina Lazareanu by Rasmus Skousen for Cover February 2011

Liking Irina Lazareanu is kinda a conundrum to me.  I don’t find her a particularly great model, but yet something about her pixie-like features always gets me.  Or perhaps it’s because I always get some sort of mischievous vibe from her.  I like that feeling: the feeling that she could start wreaking havoc at any moment.  In this shoot, she’s tagging the wall while wearing a cream pencil skirt and cropped sweater with elbow patches in the last shot haha.  Adorable and a punk.  What a combination.

Actually, I really like that sort of contrast.  That could be why I like her.  She always comes off effortlessly cool in whatever she wears, whether that is a sparkley mini skirt with tucked in Henley or a belted cardigan without any pants.  Moreover, the setting is awesome.  I would love to take pictures in a place like that.  Graffiti is intriguing to me; I see it as creative expression rather than vandalism (even if it is that at times).  The graffiti-ed and semi-stripped walls provide just the right amount of romantic urban dilapidation to this shoot.  And it feels like a hipster party could break out at any moment.  Overall, this editorial just has a gritty city vibe to it that I like.

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