Ralph Lauren Fall 2011

Credit: Vogue.com

Unusually austere fitting and palette for Ralph Lauren.  I like it.  Influenced by 1930s Shanghai, Ralph has the models slink in in sinuously fitted outfits, creating the image of utmost sensuality and class.  I love the fitted sleeves and embellished beading of the twenties and thirties.  I miss that sense of glamour and lounge style.  Ralph  Lauren certainly provides me with plenty of it with those sleeveless evening gowns and slinky trousers.

I guess I will always been in favor of the classic black and white.  Especially coupled with fitted tailoring.  Because of the classic color palette, Ralph plays with texture and fabric, creating some rather intriguing looks in the process.  Take look 4 for instance: the voluminous satin top with fitted sleeves contrasts very nicely with the more matte high waisted trousers on Charlotte di Calypso.  Or there’s tight wrap leather cocktail dress on Ming in Look 9.  And the accompanying red tipped heels are a fantastically original touch.  Although, Ralph does provide a dash of color with the coral lip and the occasional jade satin or burgundy panne velvet gown.  The beauty is gorgeous.  And classic of course.  Nothing like red lip and a well-groomed brow to pull the look together.  Interesting how he uses a basic ponytail with deep side part to add to the sense of glamour.

And the mood is fantastic.  I love how this entire collection feels like a old Hollywood film with Ralph’s seductive silhouettes and Chinese Deco doorway set.  A lovely way to end NYFW.

And on that note, we’re off to London!

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