The Row Fall 2011


Thank God.  A line has that hasn’t been swept up into the nineties-grunge revival.  So many great fashion moments in recent history, and yet, many designers chose to revive one of the laziest, sloppiest, ill-proportioned moments.

Trust the Olsens to come up with a gorgeous timeless collection that’s ineffably cool.  They always know when to move on from a certain style moment while retaining their signature touch throughout.  Not to mention, those two are  fit and proportion perfectionists; the design quality is superb as a result.  Mary-Kate and Ashley are like the ultimate cool hunters; they have such a great eye for what women will want to wear next.  They can even make loafers seem cool. Their glamorous furs and elaborate lace  are grounded by mens’ loafers, providing some very nicely structured contrast.  The slouchy socks add a quirky sense of comfort to it all (they look so soft!).  It’s actually rare to find both luxury and comfort; the industry tends to keep those two mutually exclusive.

The Row has been known for the most perfectly worn in luxurious tee shirts or perfectly cut trousers.  Now Mary-Kate and Ashley are expanding their sense of proportion and fit to structured wool/cashmere dresses and rich fur vests and accessories.  I’m not a big fan of fur or animal print, but they make me like this.  I absolutely adore the shape to the fur hats (wraps?); that actually sold it for me.   Their shape is just so unique and adorably quirky.  Anything that can surprise me, yet retain the glamorous mood, wins me over.  I especially love how every look in this collection just emanates effortless elegance.

I think I always emphasize their eye for proportion and fit because Mary-Kate and Ashley are just so good at it.  They’re petite and short (like me!) so they have to worry about proportions a bit more in order to not drown in a whole bunch of fabric.  They have become experts at managing volume.  And because of that experience with their own clothes, they are always so precise about cut.  And with this collection, they bring glamour back into the game, but with a sense of appealing pragmatism.  Mark Holgate from puts it best: “The Row touched on the return to opulence that has been firing and furring up the New York fall runways, but they’re still thinking the same utilitarian way they did with that tee.”

Sometimes, it’s just about the feel of the collection.  The Row’s Fall 2011 collection of chic opulence just resonated with me.

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