Michael Kors Fall 2011

Credit: Vogue.com

First, congratulations to Michael Kors on his 30th Anniversary!  And of course, he didn’t let the hype go to his head.  His collection was a beautiful display of his signature: refined American sportswear.  Michael understands that designing an excellent collection means having a high quality foundation to start with; as a result, he always uses the best fabrics and classic clean cuts.  It seems simple, but it can be easy become boring.  I could never find Michael Kors boring.  The quality of his craftsmanship is simply too excellent.  His technique is apparent with every ironed crease and every well-seamed dress.  And I always end up falling in love with his cashmere pieces.  They just seem so chicly comfortable.

And I love how any piece that is remotely revealing comes across utterly classy.  Michael Kors is a master at sensual peeks of skin and sophisticated tailoring.  That leather mini dress and thigh high boots on Britt (look 14) are well-cut and very nicely contrasted with the cashgora cape.  The pockets are cool too.  Slitted and proportioned, they don’t cause the dress to gape out awkwardly in weird places.  Not to mention, that look sooooo reinforces my desire for a cashmere/wool cape.  Badly.  Moreover, Alana’s sheer dress (look 27) may seem exposed, but Michael has nicely balanced it with the loose flowy shape to the silhouette.  And the fabric is opaque enough that you get a suggestion of a woman’s shape rather than letting all her assets hang out there. *amused*  And of course, he is excellent for sophisticated trousers.  I particularly love the white single-creased trousers on Jac (look 7 and featured shot); white is very fresh for fall/winter.  Not to mention Michael Kors always has a great model casting; he tends to have a good portion of my favorites :)

Michael Kors has a fabulous personality (sudden switch to a morning show person aside :P) and a beautiful contemporary brand; I can’t think of a more desire person to remain in the business for as long as he has.

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