Marchesa Fall 2011


Marchesa’s collection was just so glorious, I had a very difficult time choosing a feature shot (and being sized differently, I would compile 2 or 4 shots like I normally would when I have that issue).  Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig have turned lace and tulle into an art form.  Before every showing, I eagerly await what breathless creation they’d dream up next.  For Fall 2011, they explored the tragic romanticism of Miss Havisham by deconstructing the gowns with fraying hemlines and shredded tulle.  The mood felt darker with a liberal dose of black lace and tulle.  And I’m kinda digging the Gothic Bride look (look 4) Chapman and Craig have presented.

I enjoy the frothy utterly feminine creations that Chapman and Craig dream up, and I am certainly a big fan of romantically whimsical deconstruction.  Moreover, I love the dramatic flair they put into it.  Their creations can hardly be deemed mere gowns.   Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig have made each and every look into an artistic production.  Each look conveys a lot of thought and effort; every single bit of it–the beading, the embroidery, the fabric–is hand crafted.   Highly impressive.

Moreover, Chapman and Craig pay a lot of attention to the overall look and feel of each piece.  The clothes aren’t the only intricately crafted piece; the jewelry and shoes are also meticulously chosen.  Those rose rings and ear cuffs are absolutely gorgeous.  Elaborate rings and ear cuffs are already particular favorites of mine.  I immediately desired these.  Marchesa’s jewelry fit right in with the darkly romantic theme with expanding entwined rose briers.  And the simplicity of the laced ballerina pump stilettos were an excellent touch to best showcase the intricate tulle, satin, and lace creations.

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