Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2011


Awww Marc Jacobs is all grown up.  This is the most sophisticated Marc by Marc Jacobs collection he has thrown out yet.  And I love how Marc Jacobs can switch mood and feel entirely for each line he designs ( I can’t wait to see what he’ll do for LV!).  For his Marc Jacobs line, he was feeling structured discipline with a heavy dose of gigantic playful polka dots; for Marc by Marc Jacobs, he delved further into the romantic seventies silhouettes from spring 2011.  I’ve always been a bit partial to the Annie Hall look.  The tailoring is structured without appearing too strict.  What’s fantastic about this collection is that the quality of the cut and fabric is very much apparent.

Wool, velvet, and tweed (tweed is most definitely growing on me) are wonderful fabrics for Fall; they provide rich texture variety. And being heavier fabrics, they provide chic casings for warmth in those chillier months.  I love how every look appears well-composed and easy going in spite of the tailoring.  And Marc takes something that is traditionally crafted out of a particular fabric and composes something entirely different.  I particularly love the golden lamé cardigan and mid-calf skirt.  It’s a wonderful–and very shiny–take on a fall staple :D

Moreover, his bags are utterly gorgeous.  He managed to design like every bag I could possibly dream up on my wish list.  In particular, his totes and shoulder strap bags caught my eye.  They’re wonderfully structured out of leather and suede with great MbMJ markers.   Moreover, they take a classic shape and design, but with a Marc mixed media take on them.  I could recognize them as a Marc bag even without the marker.   And that wine suede bucket drawstring bag man…as I think an article in Elle once put it: “I want it, I want it, I need it”

Marc has once again crafted a luxurious covetable collection yet remain utterly practical for real life.  Lovely lovely lovely.  You, sir, inspire me.  This is how collegiate dressing should be like.

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