Rodarte Fall 2011


“a study of natural light in that landscape—telling a story of the sun rising and setting, from dawn to dusk….” -Kate and Laura Mulleavy

You just never know what the Mulleavy sisters will be inspired by next.  I can never anticipate what it’ll be next.  Moreover, it’s extremely fascinating to see how their thought process translates that inspiration into fabric and silhouette.  This is what I image would come out of staring up at blue skies while lying in a field of wheat in Iowa (close enough; theirs was North Dakota) on an easy summer day.  The lightness of this collection is welcome change of pace from the darker richness of fall color palettes.  It was highly unexpected.  I just dreamily drift along with their poetic vision.  I love that their aesthetic can induce that particular of state of being for me.

Not to mention, Kate and Laura always do such beautiful intricate detail work.  I love how they provided structure through layering, but not in the normal sense.  They played with texture with each translucent layer so it all came together in a kaleidescope of texture.  I almost see it as one piece.  And they have provided these gorgeous fluted bell-shaped over coats.  Oh so very glamorous.  Especially with tulle or layered lace peeking out in between.  They provide very lovely contrast to the sturdy fabric of the coat.  Moreover, I have never seen print work quite like theirs.  The light on the corn fields on the draped chiffon evening gowns (love that sky blue or cloudy gray) made it appear like they were rippling.  And of course the slightly Grecian draping dreamily floated along as the model walked.   Mostly I just want to sigh the with whimsical glamour of it all.

And their color palette…blue was real standout in this collection.  The periwinkle of look 31 is breathtaking.  And makes me happy just looking at it.  Even the flashes of siren red fell right in with it.  But mainly, the golden wheat and stormy grays caught my eye.  I felt like I was watching the weather change with clouds passing in and out.   I love how the Mulleavy sisters manage to make that shifting weather feel so tangible as well.  It’s like…very excellent writing and how great writers are able to make the reader just feel their writing.  As opposed to just reading and being told.  If that makes sense.  Kate and Laura Mulleavy have always been compelling poetic storytellers.  It comes across with every wisp of lace and silk, every swing of the skirt, and every ripple of the wheat.  Just gorgeous.

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