Victoria Beckham Fall 2011


I absolutely adore Victoria Beckham, both as a designer and style inspiration.  Many people write her off as some untalented WAG who is just famous for being a Spice Girl and married to David Beckham, but that’s just plain mean.  I don’t know what it is about her that brings out this viciousness, but she shouldn’t be faulted for putting effort into what she wears (though those painfully matching couple outfits should remain in the past).   And it would be wrong to write off her designs.  In her sixth collection now (yay for her 100th dress!), Victoria Beckham has eased up on her highly structured, well-nipped silhouette.  The polished tailoring is still there yes, but there’s no longer the tightly controlled hour glass shape that she had started out with–as lovely as those ladylike sheath dresses were.  Perhaps her fourth pregnancy [a daughter!! So terribly jealous of when she grows up and can borrow from Mommy’s closet] has softened up that rigid tailoring, but for Fall 2011 Victoria Beckham envisions beautifully polished looks that fit effortlessly into our lives while emanating chicness even at the airport for ease of travel.  She has crafted the ultimate collection for the jetset generation who are sick of looking tired and drab while in transit.

As they say, the devil is in the details.  With this long tapered A-line length, there is a great difficulty with fit.  The proportions must be done just right to prevent coming across awkward or limiting movement range.  I think she nailed it wonderfully.  Every look comes across sophisticated and just loose enough to be taken as effortless.  And those back zippers man.  The black outlining zippers on the back not only create this beautiful line, but they also zip up both ends so they can be adjusted depending on the proportions of the person wearing it.  Brilliant.  Honestly, who better than a self-confessed control freak about technique and fit to create beautifully streamlined–and moreover, well-proportioned–looks that give up no ease of movement?  I never thought that I’d be naming Victoria Beckham has an authority on comfort while looking chic, but there you have it.

Not only does she understand proportion and fit, she even managed to make me like yellow.  In fact, she has some gorgeous punches of color throughout: that tangerine portfolio file clutch in the feature shot, knee high berry leather boots, wine suede booties, warm yellow sheaths…I could go on and on.  It’s kind of miraculous when someone gets me to like yellow since I really hate yellow [and orange].  But this collection’s color palette was done just right.  The colors chosen are interestingly vibrant while warm enough to make for a rich palette for fall.  Better yet, they are done solitary so I didn’t feel like there was riotous explosion of color all over the collection for the hell of it.

Oh, and her accessories are equally as gorgeous.  While she kept hair and beauty clean (though not really a fan of the “face lift hats” as Derek Blasberg calls them), she presented some seriously gorgeous bags and boots to go with those dresses.  I want that duffel bag. Doesn’t even matter what color; I’ll take either.  That would be so utterly perfect for school, although rainy Seattle weather may find a way to ruin it *pout*  But they’re huge which means they can carry everything I try to cram in to take with me to classes, AND with that fantastic shape, they won’t make me look stupid for lugging around that much stuff like a gigantic backpack will.

So there you have it: I am a major major fan of Victoria Beckham and am unashamed to gush about her latest collection.  I think she can seriously give Rouland Mouret a run for his money on those sheath dresses there.

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