Derek Lam Fall 2011


Carrying on the same vein that he did with Spring 2011, Derek Lam presents pretty floating creations but with a dose of grounding leather for Fall 2011.  I’ve actually really enjoyed Derek Lam’s collections as of late.  His designs are like chic realism.  I can totally see myself in them day to day, yet they maintain that gloss of luxury that marks high fashion.  Pieces like the dress with a leather bodice and free-falling skirt are a sexy revelation with those dart cut-outs on the side (and everyone knows what a sucker I am for cut outs).  And he provides a rich color palette for fall. I liked the striped streak of colors on his leather-edged coat in look 11 and the royal blue pants in the jumpsuit of look 18.  I found this a rather pretty, and unassuming collection.  It’s well-crafted and nicely loose for a spring vibe for fall, but not particularly groundbreaking.  And with the exception of a couple pieces, I really just saved this because Jac closed the show :P

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