Alexander Wang Fall 2011


Oh darling…Alexander Wang may have set out to make fun of “luxury and decadence and this idea of stereotypical wealth,” but he totally made me fall further in love with it.  I absolutely adore his downtown spin on upscale luxury.  And how can I not love his return to black?  He kind of confused me with his 2010 season collections in his effort to draw away from his former aesthetic, but he most certainly hit a winner with this mature and well-constructed decadent sportswear collection.  Coupled with the sports arena style presentation (those squares of pulsing lighting as a runway were pretty awesome), Alexander Wang truly put on a show, demonstrating exactly why he is the king of the young designer set.

Oh, and really, watch the runway video for the full effect.

As soon as Aymeline Valade (above, L) appeared in that coat/cape hybrid (Emily Holt has the best description for it: “a black duchess taffeta bomber-slash-poncho”) and leather legwarmers, I knew this would be good.  Alex always manages to feature the next great newcomer; he has a very good track record (Mirte Maas, Britt Maren, and now Aymeline Valade).  I just love how he melded the different fabrics together to create inventive new hybrids.  Moto jackets got parka-fied into sleek ski gear.  Blazers were crafted out of mink over the traditional wool.  The light outer jackets came with slit yellow parachute pockets, adding modern cool to a classic.  The sweater dresses came with quilted sleeves as if they were pared down puffy winter jackets.  Ponchos were transfigured into edgy parkas and angora/satin dreaminess (look 16 is one of my absolute favorites).  He transformed drab winter staples into chic warm casings.

[And he totally reinforced my desire for a cape jacket.  Like none other *want want want want want*]

Not only was his outerwear absolutely gorgeous, he ended on an even higher note: evening wear.  He remastered the tuxedo shirt and cummerbund and unraveled them for womenswear.  The trompe l’oeil tuxedo shirts were brilliantly designed with sheer silk paneling and a flyaway tailcoat flap (just watch the video for the full effect; it’s worth it just to see Lily Donaldson striding down the runway in look 26).  Eliza Cummings looked seductively at ease and effortlessly cool in the loose high collar bib dress shirt in look 27 (above, L).  Moreover, the cummerbund was gorgeously shredded into flyaway streamers.  Alex saw it as “the idea of the cummerbund falling apart.”  The effect was fabulous; they floated so prettily as the model sauntered by.  I totally fell in love with them as I watched the video.

Moreover, Alexander Wang is adding to his every growing accessories line.  While many probably focused on the adorable clutches, those half cuffs caught my eye each and every time.  Oh so terribly badass.  I love how it just melds into the shape of your hand.  They just completed the look for me every time.

Alexander Wang has an amazing collection on his hands.  And he’s adorable to boot.  For his final bow, he did a spin.

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