Prabal Gurung Fall 2011


“I thought there was something beautifully romantic to the subtext of that whole story. She’s in that situation forever. Everyone thinks she’s crazy, but what I found really interesting about her was the fact that she’s not giving up.” -Prabal Gurung on being influenced by Miss Havisham from Great Expectations

Oh so very romantic Prabal Gurung.  You already enticed me with your rose paint splattered runway.  And then Karlie walked out.  Well more like sauntered out.  She immediately set the mood for me, looking utterly amazing in that raw edged chiffon siren red dress.  Better yet, I like how Prabal developed his collection as it went on.  Starting off with strikingly seductive bold red silk and black leather, he then proceeded to drift into romantic cream and blush floaty creations and culminated with luxurious mix of red carpet worthy dramatic gowns.  Throughout each “set,” he maintains this mixed media craftsmanship that he’s grown into, throwing in fox fur, raw chiffon edges, silky deconstruction, and leather accents.  The texture of each piece is intriguing, adding another depth to his romantic silhouettes.  This collection indicates a designer who is growing into his own.

The details are fantastic.  The peacock feathers on the corset gown  (look 39) and the exposed zippers edging (look 32) were some great touches.  I particularly love the ballerina-inspired wound leather gloves.  They were such an excellent touch.  Moreover, the colorful hair streaks add a modern punk quirkiness to it all.

Honestly, one should really watch the video; it conveys so much more than just viewing the photos.  The gliding easiness of each model as she saunters down the runway in his looks convey his design brilliance.  The looks remained soft and easy with subtle structure built in.  Even the pencil A-line skirt silhouette did not inhibit the smoothness of her walk.  At times, I wondered if the model would trip over the long floaty silk gowns as they were oh so terribly long (although there was a close call with Iris Egbers in look 11; she handled herself superbly) but so so terribly fantastic for the line.  But it went off without a hitch.  In fact, one model utterly impressed me.  Alla (look 8 +37) was very much in control every time she stomped down the runway.  Her badass attitude contrasted very nicely with the dreamy softness of the gown.

In the end, Prabal Gurung was able to carry me away with his artistic vision.  And I greatly enjoyed the return to luxury.

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